Supported organisations

Each year, St Peter’s donates over 10% of our annual income from Donations and Legacies to mission giving. We provide continuing support for chosen local organisations, especially those linked with St Peter’s, as well as supporting charities whose focus is on social justice, helping the poor and marginalised.

The following charities were supported in 2017. Contact the St Peter’s Link person (if named) for more information about the work of an individual organisation.  In other cases, contact a member of the Mission Giving Committee.

Local organisations

Asylum Welcome(AW) Oxford (Registered charity number 1092265) – AW plays many roles. Every unaccompanied child arriving in Oxfordshire is referred to AW which currently looks after over 100. Its food bank had nearly 1000 visits last year. Advice and practical help on a wide range of topics is provided.People are taught so they can be more independent. Detainees in Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centre are visited and AW works closely with lawyers to support access to rights. AW also supports refugee voices nationally,  advocating for better asylum policies. This is achieved by around 120 volunteers, a small team of staff and trustees, and the support of the local community. Church link person Pauline Main

Blue Skye Thinking (Registered charity number 1158021) –  a charity supporting research and treatment of childhood brain tumours,  looking after the well-being of the children and their families so that all diagnosed will have a better chance of survival and a better quality of life during and post-treatment. Run by volunteers, donations go directly to the forefront of research, treatment and well-being projects. Five-year old Skye died in August 2014 from the effects of the treatment he received after battling a brain tumour for a year. Since then, his parents, Sally and Andrew, have campaigned to raise money for this charity. Church link person Diana Pemberton-Piggott

Cherwell Housing Trust Homeless Hostel, Oxford – Simon House is a purpose-built hostel providing secure and comfortable temporary accommodation and support to homeless and other vulnerable people in Oxfordshire. Its aim is to work with individuals to help them address any problems or behaviour that may be preventing them from living independently in their own home. Simon House also provides training to non-residents living in the local community.

NOAAH (North Oxford Action Against Homelessness) – a local action group providing practical support and advocacy for locally homeless people. This may include help with cleaning, finding accommodation, raising awareness, financial support for heating or rent, and mentoring. Chair of NOAAH and link Diana Clews

Oxford Street Pastors (Registered charity number 1155694) – operating on a Friday night in Oxford city centre, the Street Pastors work with those who are vulnerable and require practical help or a listening ear. They are local church volunteers who have undergone specialist training in drug and alcohol awareness, youth culture, mental health issues, conflict resolution and listening skills. Each undergoes DBS checks before training. They work alongside the police to help prevent crime by diffusing potentially-violent situations or helping to calm already-violent incidents.

Oxford Winter Night Shelter: Oxford City Council and partners, including voluntary sector homelessness providers, charities and churches, work together to ensure there is sufficient provision of bed spaces for rough sleepers in Oxford year round and during the winter months. Provision in 2017/18 includes a core supply of 167  hostel beds, together with additional emergency beds made available within the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol under guidance set out nationally by the Homeless Link charity.


Wolvercote Young People’s Club (Registered charity number 1149132) – Growing up should be fun, but it can also be a tough and confusing time for many young people, especially with the pressure to try new things. WYPC aims is to support young people through these challenges, providing hands-on support, advice, guidance and help through difficult times, providing a safe and fun environment for socialising and learning.


National organisations

Children’s Society  (Register charity number 221124) – helping change children’s stories and working towards a country where all children are free from disadvantage. Trusted for over a century to drive change locally and nationally and provide support where it’s needed most, the Children’s Society bases its vital work on the experiences of every child helped and the solid evidence gathered. They work directly with the most disadvantaged children through an extensive network of frontline services, and supported by an army of volunteers, tackling child poverty and neglect head on, helping families trapped in debt, child runaways and young carers, and stopping child sexual exploitation. Brave in actions, they uncover desperate situations, expose injustice and address hard truths to improve children’s lives. Church link person Beth Knowles

International organisations

Anti-slavery International (ASI) (Registered charity number 1049160) – Founded in 1839, ASI is the oldest international human rights organisation in the world. It is committed to global elimination of all forms of slavery. At least 12 million men, women and children around the world are slaves. ASI raises public awareness, pressurising governments and international bodies to develop and implement antislavery policies, and working with partner organisations to research causes and solutions to slavery. Church link person Diana Clews

Christian Aid  (Registered charity number 1105851) – a Christian organisation that insists the world can and must be swiftly changed to one where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. Working globally for profound change eradicating the causes of poverty, they strive to achieve equality, dignity and freedom for all, regardless of faith or nationality. They are part of a wider movement for social justice, providing urgent, practical and effective assistance where need is great, tackling the effects of poverty as well as its root causes. Church link person Caroline Harding

Mission Aviation Fellowship:

Open Doors  (Registered charity number 1125684) –  an international ministry serving persecuted Christians and churches worldwide by supplying Bibles, leadership training, literacy programmes, livelihood support and advocacy services. They seek to mobilise the church in the UK & Ireland to serve Christians living under religious persecution. Church link person Diana Clews

Papua New Guinea Church Partnership (Registered charity number 249446) –  a voluntary association of Anglican Communion church members which, since the early 1900’s,  have supported the Anglican Church in Papua New Guinea, in prayer, by sending staff and by raising money.

Shelter Box:

Standing Voice (Registered charity number 1151250) – promotes the social inclusion and wellbeing of people with albinism in Tanzania. Albinism is a rare, non-contagious, recessive genetic condition that limits the body’s ability to process melanin, reducing or eliminating pigmentation in the skin, eyes and hair. One in 1,400, more than tenfold the global rate, are affected in parts of Tanzania. Standing Voice designs and delivers health, education, advocacy and community programmes, reaching thousands of people with albinism across Tanzania on a structured, regular basis.  Church link person Caroline Harding

United Society Partners in the Gospel (Registered charity number 234518) – a church-based charity working in direct partnership with Anglican Churches around the world. Motivated by their Christian faith and inspired by the gospel, they share God’s love through practical action, and see lives transformed. They work according to the culture and context of church partners. Programmes are run by local churches embedded in the communities they serve. Handouts create dependency so they promote change from within by supporting local skills development and community empowerment. Their work with other Christian programme partners, predominantly Anglican, and other faith communities is for the benefit of all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender or sexuality.

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Blackbird Leys Church:

Serving in Mission (Registered charity number 219763) – Sarah Dorman is a SIM mission partner. She returned for two years, from early 2017, to the youth centre in Mekelle, Ethiopia where she worked in Summer 2015. She will be coordinating development projects with the youth centre, other charities based in Mekelle and the regional government.  Church link person Anne Dorman

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