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Charles Draper
You are most welcome to our Church community which has worshipped here for centuries. Open our Welcome Leaflet here. St Peter's is open for visits or quiet prayer most Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and 2.00-4.00pm every Saturday and Sunday, except during special services. If you have special needs or need some support in getting to church, contact us by phone or email to find out how we can help.

St Peter's Wolvercote, together with All Saints' Wytham, comprise the Benefice of Wolvercote and Wytham. St Peter's is one of four Churches in the Summertown-Wolvercote Church Partnership. To find out more about this partnership and our sister Churches, Summertown United Reformed Church, St Michael's Summertown and Wolvercote Baptist Church, click on the Church Partnership.

Is there still hope?

Christmas once again is on its way. At the centre of all the activities and excitement is a very old story about the birth of a baby. We hear the stories about the shepherds looking for a manger or the wise men following a star. I often wonder how could a baby’s birth be such good news for them when it would be many years before the baby grew to make such a difference. Many of them wouldn’t live to see it.

For me the answer is HOPE. To a people who needed some hope, this baby was a promise for the future even if that hope might lie beyond their own lives. Life under the Roman Occupation had so little promise of the future that hope was vital.

We may identify with that today when hope is harder to find than it was maybe 30 years ago. Wherever we look in the world, things seem to be going backwards and the world is ever more fragmented. In the UK, with so much economic uncertainty, many of our young people face a future full of questions.

I am intrigued that this baby is always referred to as a Saviour and a King - someone who brings hope for the future – rather than a teacher or prophet.

I believe this child of Bethlehem still brings hope today.

Hope for the world that God’s love and compassion is at work in the world and will not be defeated however unpromising things appear.

Hope in a God who promises to be with us in the dark times as well as the light.

Hope in a message that, when understood and followed, brings reconciliation and unity.

And hope for a life beyond this earthly life where all will be brought together in harmony and peace.

Whatever Christmas means for you, I hope that, when the festivities are over, you may have found something that brings you some real hope for the future.

A very happy, peaceful and hopeful Christmas to you all,


A thought from Guy Elsmore, Archdeacon of Buckingham

“Blessed are the poor in spirit... Blessed are they that mourn... Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness... Lara started and stood still. This was about her.” From Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak. May we keep the people of the Beatitudes in our hearts and in our prayers this week.

Worship at St Peter's Church

St Peter's Church

St Peter's is an open, inclusive community of people from all walks of life who are seeking to love and serve God in this parish. Anyone is welcome to join us for our services and we encourage you to do so on a regular basis. We hope you will find worship which is reverent, reflective, stilling and uplifting, and a congregation who are warm and welcoming. As you will see from the pages which follow, children are valued members of our Church. There are always activities for them at our 10am Sunday service in term time, as well as at other times.

As a Church community, we try to reflect the love of God for all his creation, as revealed in Jesus' life, death and resurrection; we try to explore the questions which life presents us with, both as individuals and as a society; and we seek to live out our faith through active service to this parish and the wider world. If you would like to join us on this journey with God and towards God - a journey of exploration, thanksgiving, celebration and reflection - you would be most welcome.

Revd Charles Draper, Vicar