Parish Groups

Baptism immerses us in the life of God, the life of Christ, the life of the Church. Through our Baptism, we become disciples of Christ, called to follow, serve and reach out in whatever way we can. Through the Holy Spirit, we are given the gifts and encouragement to do so.

In 1 Corinthians 12.4-31, St Paul makes it crystal clear that all of us have gifts, skills and talents to use in God’s service. He paints the wonderful image of the Body of Christ, in which each of us is a limb, organ, cell, with a vital contribution to make to the good working of the Body. We may think we have little to offer, we may be reticent about doing so, but Paul affirms that everyone has something to contribute. This is what some churches call “every member ministry”. All of us have a part to play and the Body is enriched and healthier when we do.

So what can you do? What can you offer? That’s something for you to think and pray about. It may be that you feel you could start doing something new; or perhaps you already do a lot, but it’s time to review that and think afresh outside the box; or perhaps age is inviting you to change what you do into different but equally important forms of service. There may be something you’re attracted to within the groups and activities at St Peter’s, and this booklet is full of ideas for that; or perhaps your calling as a Christian is to work in other groups in the community. Only you can say. But please do think about the questions: what is God calling me to? What can I offer?

The following pages give details of some groups you might like to join. Read our Getting Involved booklet</> for over fifty other ideas to support our services, children’s work, pastoral care or the every-day running of the church.