Pentecost Altar Party

Pentecost Altar Party

Our worship

There are services almost every day of the year at St Peter’s, but our main services are the three at 8am, 10am and 12 noon each Sunday.

Our worship is rooted in the liberal catholic tradition. What does that mean? For us, the word ‘catholic’ means that we believe that God nourishes us through both Word (the Bible and reflection upon it) and Sacrament (the bread and wine of Communion). It means that we value music of quality drawn from both the traditional and the modern (we are fortunate to have a regular Choir, which is expanded for special occasions). We strive for services which are dignified, reflective and uplifting, yet also relaxed and unfussy. Services have a clear structure, but also variety within that to keep our worship fresh and vibrant.

The word ‘liberal’ means that we value intelligent sermons which reflect upon the Bible in a thoughtful way, and help us to seek and serve Christ in our everyday lives within our local community and the wider world.

Click here for the text of a reflection on Communion by former Vicar, Revd Dr Mark Butchers.

Children are warmly welcomed and included in our worship at the 10am service. They go out of church after the first hymn to take part in worship and activities appropriate for their age group. They return in time for a blessing at the end of the service. Once each half-term, our 10am service is an all-age Family Communion, planned with children in mind. Full details of our children’s activities are on the Children and young people’s page.

Details of our three Sunday services and our midweek services are on the relevant pages. We also celebrate the major Festivals of the Christian Year, often with a Sung Communion on a weekday evening.