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Tuesday 22 March 2020:

We have now taken the hard decision to close all our church buildings, except for essentials.

This doesn’t mean that the church is closed. The church is not a building – the church is the people. So our churches in Wolvercote and Wytham are still very much alive and open for business, loving one another and loving our neighbour through prayer, phone, and emails – all wonderful ways that the virus cannot touch. So in those ways, do please continue to keep the church open!

Practical notices:

  • Our APCM (Annual Meetings) is postponed until further notice.
  • The Stewardship letters were prepared before the virus struck. Some of you will be taking a financial hit as a result of the virus. If this is the case, either ignore the letter or review your giving as you need to. Others of you may be financially protected. If this is you, then we hope that in spite of the virus, you may be willing to consider the future of the church and its financial needs and respond in whatever way you feel is right. But be absolutely sure, we are not putting any pressure on anyone at this time.

Keep safe, keep others safe, do not grow weary of phoning each other up. If you’re aware of any needs amongst your neighbours, contact a member of the Ministry Team.

Upcoming event

Wed 25 Mar: 11:00  Memorial Service for David Easton – close family members only


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