Flying Goose

The Flying Goose is Wolvercote’s quarterly magazine with news about local events and issues affecting our community, local history, and information about community groups and activities. Published quarterly, the Flying Goose is delivered free to 3,000 homes in the parish and ward of Wolvercote. Additional copies are available in St Peter’s. Download the March 2020 edition.

Articles, Community Group Directory and Events Calendar
The Flying Goose is distributed four times a year: in late March, June and September, and early December. The deadline for the next edition, due for publication late May is 29 April. To enquire whether space is available for an article, contact Stephen Drew at; tel: 01865 554352.

For the Community Group Directory or Events Calendar, contact Nick Buckland at; tel: 01865 557830.


To enquire about advertising, contact Sarah Pepys tel: 07931664034

The Name
We chose to call our magazine the “Flying Goose” for several reasons. Geese have been kept on Port Meadow and Goose Green for centuries; the goose is a symbol of the Holy Spirit  in Celtic Christianity; and geese flying in the familiar V-shaped formation are an appropriate image of community co-operation. Travelling in this way, geese are able to fly nearly twice as far as a goose on its own. Each goose takes a turn as the leader whilst the others honk encouragement from behind.

It also made the editorial team smile!