About us

We are a local community church, here for all who live in this part of Oxford. We move in step with regular milestones  in village life, supporting local events like the annual Wolvercote and Wytham Midsummer Festival. We will seek to respond to concerns for our valued heritage, environment and green spaces.

Exploring our vision is taking us on a journey of learning and discovery which we share with the other churches in the Summertown and Wolvercote Partnership. We hope you will join us!

Becoming closer to God

  • We are seeking to grow in prayer in every area of our church life
  • Our “Exploring Spirituality” group offers various different opportunities to grow in our relationship with God
  • Our monthly Prayer group, Home groups, and Friday morning “Early Birds” are all opportunities to express our dependence on the life and power of God in all we do

 Celebrating his loving purposes

  • Worship has a very high priority at St Peter’s
  • We enjoy celebrating special occasions and Festivals throughout the church year, especially proclaiming the life, death and resurrection of Jesus
  • We offer different kinds of worship for all ages

 Reaching out unconditionally

  • We believe that the life and teaching of Jesus show us the unconditional love of God for us
  • We believe that we are called to show God’s unconditional love in our community
  • We seek to show this by taking the church out to the community and by inviting the community into the church, developing our church life so it is welcoming and accessible for all

Showing God’s love for all creation

  • We believe the coming of Jesus is good news not only for us but for all people and all of God’s creation
  • We seek to show this by working towards social justice and practical action for the poor, the hungry, the persecuted, and the homeless
  • We believe we are called to care for the environment and for all of creation

As part of the Diocese of Oxford we share in the Diocesan vision to be a Christlike Church Contemplative, Compassionate and Courageous.