100 Club

The 100 Club

The 100 Club, a monthly cash draw, raised over £8,200 towards St Peter’s organ appeal. Proceeds now go to St Peter’s Mission Giving.

One numbered stake costs £5.00 per month, payable in advance by cash, cheque or Bankers standing order. Individuals may buy more than one stake. No more than 100 numbers will be entered into each draw.

Draws take place in the Parish Room after the 10.00am service on the fourth Sunday of a month. One cash prize of £100 and four prizes of £25 are awarded at each draw. Winners will be contacted.

How to join

Complete a 100 Club Application Form with a tear off return slip and a Bankers’ Standing Order form (if appropriate). Return the form, cash, cheque and/or Bankers Order to Bill Clarke (44 Home Close, Wolvercote OX2 8PT; tel 01865 510109)  or leave at the back of the church.

Thank you for your support!

Updated Jan 2017