The Parochial Church Council

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) oversee all aspects of the life and work of St Peter’s Church, including our worship, our service and outreach to the local community, our children’s work, the finances and fabric of the church and any new initiatives.

The Committee comprises clergy serving at St Peter’s, churchwardens, and elected members of the congregation. Members are elected for a three year term at our Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM). People are eligible to stand for two three-year terms before they must have a break.

Currently attending St Peter’s PCC are:
Officers: Andrew Dorman (Treasurer), Caroline Harding (PCC Secretary), Anne Dorman (Safeguarding Officer), Kevin Minns (Fabric & Finance Committee Chair)
Elected PCC members:
 Clare Balme, Evelyn Bryant, Megan Carberry, Bill Clarke, Diana Clews, Diane Edwards, Steve Goddard, Beth Knowles, Caroline Pepys, Val Tate

Representatives on other Committees
Fabric & Finance Committee: Michael Daniell, Kevin Minns (Chair)
Communications Group: Val Tate
SW Partnership Enabling Group: Vicar, Churchwardens
Cutteslowe Enabling Group: Vicar, Diana Clews
Churches Together in North Oxford (CTNO): Phillipa & Christopher Hardman
Mission Giving Committee: Diana Clews, Anne Dorman, Caroline Harding
GDPR Data Compliance Officer – Val Tate
Observer to the URC Elders Meeting
– Diana Clews
Village Hall Committee representative – Michael Daniell
Partnership Enabling Group representatives – Charles Draper, Wendy Sobey and  Michael Daniell
Cutteslowe Enabling Group representatives – Charles Draper and Diana Clews
Deanery Synod representatives– Diana Clews, Michael Daniell (two vacancies)
Stewardship Recorder – Roddy Eatock Taylor
Cashiers – Rosemary Williams and Caroline Pepys

Meetings: The PCC meets four times a year to discuss church business, usually at 7:30pm in the Old School Room. Minutes are available on the notice board at the back of the church. The next meeting is on 10 July 2018.

Annual Parochial Church Meeting is open to all on the electoral roll. The last meeting was 21 April 2018. Click here  to download the APCM 2018 booklet, churchwardens’ and committees’ reports. Click here to download the Summertown-Wolvercote Partnership 2018 report.